Italy, Lake Garda

Heute darf ich Claudia auf meinem Blog begrüßen. Ich freue mich sehr darüber! Sie schreibt einen Gastpost zur ihrer Reise an den Gardasee. Und diese hat eine überraschende Erfahrung gebracht…


7 Days, 3 Families, 1 House.

My Husband and I on the right, our Kai sitting below us and spotting ice cream

Firstly I’m honoured to be writing this guest post for Gordana, her blog is filled with ideas around travelling as a family that every parent should read. I recently had a first experience holidaying with friends and their babies. All in all, I loved it. I not only loved being able to spend time with adults while the babies entertained themselves, but I loved that spending time with other parents has been the perfect way to reflect on parenting. Our friend’s family have a beautiful house on Lake Garda in Bogliaco, right on the water, with it’s own boat dock. It doesn’t get more perfect.

Going on holiday with small children, having a house is just so much more convenient than a hotel room. Sure, you miss out on room service and no one is going to make your bed between breakfast and dinner, but you have space for the kids to play and a 24-hour kitchen. Upon arrival, we stocked up at the supermarket. The quality of foods you can buy at the fresh counter in Italy is really incredible. I could never get sick of Tonnato Vitello and capers. In contrast, I didn’t find the restaurants in this region to be impressive. Is the area so touristic that the restaurants just aren’t trying anymore or are they simply trying to cater to the German taste? We’ll never know but it definitely made me feel at ease about having to stay in for most dinners due to baby sleeping schedules.

The boys playing footsie

After the kids went to bed, it was time for the parents to drink and play. As I get drunk after one glass of wine these days, my husband and I decided to go skinny dipping together. Ah… just to be young for a few minutes again. But really, we spent a lot of the evenings as a party of six new parents, talking about random things. The group was very mixed. One German couple living in Berlin, one German/Israeli couple living in Tel Aviv. And then there are my husband and me: German/Japanese/American/Chinese couple living in Frankfurt. When it came to the topic of where to raise our kids, our friend said she is choosing to raise her child in Tel Aviv because it’s important for her that her kid grows up as a majority. She and her husband both grew up as majorities and she sees that as the basis of her self confidence. Having been a minority for most of my life, it’s surprising that I had never really given this a thought. Growing up as a minority in Chicago was sometimes difficult but I never saw it as a problem. Is it possible, however that I could be a more confident person today if I had grown up in China instead? I have no idea. But what I do know is that I want my child to be the type of confident person that isn’t afraid to be the minority. What is it that we want our kids to feel? That they should feel safe because they are part of the bigger group or that they feel safe despite being in the smaller group? What do you think?

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